Valentine’s Day Cookies

This year Valentine’s day will once again fall on a weekday.  Tuesday to be precise.  No week-end lie in or careful and lovingly prepared breakfast in bed.  As I write I am aware this will of course be way too early for any blokes to realise!  They will however wake up with a startle on the morning of to an automatic yet life saving Blackberry alarm that pops up to remind the hopeless romantic, (I mean quite literally hopeless at being romantic ha ha), to tip toe out the door and be back in time with bunch of suitable flowers – Ta Daaaaa!  Each year we try to come up with some new and inventive ways to express our love for our partners – And no that does NOT include an automatic standing order with Interflora, though I do still love receiving flowers from Interflora from my hubby when he is away – who wouldn’t?  I would love to hear some of your Valentine’s day ideas/experiences – Past & Present.

Below are some images to my newly designed Valentine’s range.

Let me know what you think.

If you require any more information please email me at

However you choose to spend your Valentine’s day enjoy it with your loved ones or perhaps you may be pleasantly surprised by a secret admirer🙂

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Cookies and Kids

Recently I was approached by my sister-in-law about hosting a cookie decorating class for her daughter’s birthday activity.  My first thoughts were images of the dust trails I would leave behind as I run screaming with flailing arms into the sunset, far far away!  The idea of instructing a bunch of kids was slightly daunting.  Not because I dislike kids but I didn’t feel fully prepared to teach a class at what felt like my embryonic phase in baking.  On top of that English is my second language and I feared kids might not understand my accent, but alas I couldn’t say no to my beloved sister-in-law.

On the day when I saw the delighted faces of the children as they screamed with excitement, my fears instantly vanished.  I was at home.  No, seriously I was quite literally at home but nonetheless I felt confident and happy🙂

The class was a great success.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the feedback was extremely positive.

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Festive Cookies

Strolling through one of London’s popular department stores in late November, one could not help but be swept up and drawn in by the pre Christmas buzz.  I was passing through the food section and noticed some of the delightful hampers on offer but moreover how pricey they seemed.  Surely one could make these themselves… couldn’t they?  It dawned on me there and then what a delightful gift that would be for my newly acquired in-laws – A personlised homemade hamper.  And why not?  I had only recently started baking and thought what a wonderful opportunity for some feedback.

My hampers comprised of a first attempt at mince pies, a mini Christmas cake, homemade chocolates, wines, liquors and my painstakingly crafted cookies.  Below are some of the results:

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Ding Dong The Bells Are Going To Chime

Thoughts anyone?

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Welcome Baby/Baby Shower Cookies

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Butterflies, Hearts and More…

These are my first cookies… I was pretty much experimenting especially with the red heart, “You’ve Got The Love” cookie.  I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and feedback!

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Coming Soon!!

This space will eventually contain examples to exhibit and demonstrate my voyage down the road of baking little edible pieces of art.

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